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Herbal Alternatives to Common Over-the-Counter Medications


Many unsuspecting people have allergies or side-effects to over-the-counter medications. So it’s good to know that there are reliable herbal alternatives. Even if you have never experienced a side effect from an over-the-counter remedy, it is a good idea to be aware of any you may encounter. Possible side effects for specific brands are also always listed in the information sheet that comes with them. Bear in mind that these are possible side effects, which means not everyone is prone to them.

Possible Side Effects of Over-the-Counter Medications

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Five Reasons Why it’s Important to Drink Water


Water accounts for roughly 60 percent of a person’s body weight, and is one of the most vital substances your body needs in order to function properly. Water provides many benefits to human body.  Here are five reasons why you should drink water often.

The first reason you should be drinking water regularly is the fact that it helps maintain the balance of bodily fluids within your body. Bodily fluids aid in functions such as digestion, circulation, transportation of nutrients through the body, and even the maintenance of your body’s temperature. How do you know if your body is in need of water? Simple. If you are thirsty, it means you need to drink anything containing water.

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Darby Smart: The Easy Way to DIY


Pinterest and craft bloggers have helped spawn a massive DIY craze in the Internet era.  The days of clipping crafty ideas from women’s magazines have transformed into reblogging and repinning projects via the Web. Crafting has become cool again for teens and young adults, and DIY clothing, accessories and home decor items are ultra chic and trendy. Though many love the idea of making their own items to save money and create personal, customized pieces, some may feel intimidated by all the sewing, painting and handy work that comes along with such projects. Fortunately, a new website is here to save you from the DIY struggle and make crafting so much easier. has a concept that is truly one of a kind. It prepares DIY kits that users can order with all the supplies and instructions for different crafting projects included. It makes creating items easy and less time consuming. What’s even better about the site is that it features different designers who come up with the original projects. These are cool, artsy and inspired crafts that you will be excited to start making. Everything from jewelry to handbags to home accents and more are featured on the website.

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Eliminate Summer Frizz With These Five Natural Hair Solutions


Ladies, we all know how frizzy hair in the summer can ruin a perfectly good outfit, especially if it’s incredibly humid.. However, instead of running out to the hair salon to pick up the latest anti-frizz product, why not use a natural solution? It will be better for both your hair and the environment in the long run. If you want to go green and pamper your locks, read on for the best five natural hair solutions to fight frizz!

Apply mayonnaise on your hair: While it sounds bizarre, Livestrong recommends using mayonnaise as a deep conditioning treatment. Simply slather it onto your hair and make sure to get the very tip of your roots and leave it on from five minutes to one hour. Then rinse your hair thoroughly to ensure there’s no leftover goop in your hair.

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All Natural Footwear


The latest fashion in athletic wear is all about making exercise feel natural and working with the body to avoid putting strain on joints and ligaments. One product that has taken this idea to heart is Vibram FiveFingers, a recent addition to the footwear industry. Manufactured by a brand called Vibram, the FiveFingers footwear is designed to as closely resemble being barefoot as possible. Its thin sole is extremely flexible and molded to mimic the natural form of the human foot, even including five individual toes, thereby giving the shoe its name.

Originally, Vibram FiveFingers was designed for yacht racers who often compete barefoot. The footwear was able to provide them the same barefoot feeling, while offering support on the slippery surfaces during races. There are now a variety of styles available through Vibram, designed to address the need of every client regardless of athletic ability. There are FiveFingers intended for just about any daily activity from running and watersports to multi-use and casual styles, even for children. The cost of a pair of FiveFingers for men and women range from $75-$150 depending on the style of shoe chosen and $55-$65 for boys and girl sizes.

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Achoo Be Gone: The Top Five Benefits of Allergy Shots


Do you or your child get the sniffles when ragweed shows up, or start sneezing whenever you are around a dog or a cat? You might want to think about going for allergy shots, which is also known as immunotherapy, instead of taking Allegra or Claritin. If you’re still unconvinced, read on for the top five benefits of ditching the over-the-counter antihistamines and seeing an allergist for treatment!

Shots last longer: Riviera Allergy writes that unlike over-the-counter medications such as Claritin D or Zyrtec, allergy shots last far longer in your body, which means you’ll be protected from allergens for a longer period of time—up to years at a time in some cases.

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The Health Benefits of Peppers


Peppers are delicious added ingredients to many meals. Whether for a chopped salad, sub sandwich, or side dish, the vegetable brings a satiating crunch and variety of flavors. Beyond the delectable taste and texture, peppers are also a nutritious element.

Bell peppers come in green or when ripened a variety of other colors from red to yellow. They sport a rich offering of vitamin A, important for thriving eyesight.

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4 Ways to Reduce Stress

4 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is an important issue to manage not only for the sake of your sanity but also for your body’s health. Stress can lead to lifestyle troubles such as dietary problems, insomnia, and lowered immune system. It can also exacerbate chronic health concerns like asthma, arthritis, and IBS. By minimizing the stress in your life, you will improve your quality of life along with your body’s longevity.


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4 Reasons to Enjoy Olive Oil

4 Reasons to Enjoy Olive OIl

Olives and olive oil have been a delicious part of many cuisines and meals for centuries. But does olive oil offer more value than just being a delectable presence in a dish? Although it is rich in fats, there are many health benefits to consuming olive oil.

Cholesterol Management

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Debate Intensifies Over Genetically Modified Food

Debate Intensifies Over Genetically Modified Food

Beginning in the mid 1990’s, a few small companies began using genetically modified food ingredients in their products. The trend started small; the FDA initially only approved certain ingredients like corn, rice, canola oil, and soybeans. However, the cost benefits of using these GMO’s soon became too tantalizing for other corporations to ignore. Larger companies like PepsiCo, General Mills, and Nestle began integrating GMO’s into their products, and shortly thereafter fruits and vegetables were approved for genetic modification as well. And just like that, it became clear that the entire landscape of the food industry was being altered.

Today, the Grocery Manufacturing Association estimates that 70% of items in American grocery stores contain genetically modified organisms. The FDA has endorsed over 40 seeds and plants for genetic modification, further enlarging the role GMO’s play in the development of American produce. Proponents of genetically modified crops argue that they are potentially more resistant to harmful bacterial growth, easier to produce in harsh conditions, and can be engineered with additional vitamins and minerals. All of this sounds pretty beneficial, so what’s all the fuss about?

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