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Benefits of Healthy Eating


Healthy eating can sometimes be a challenge. It is more expensive at the grocery store to buy the best foods rather than junk food. However, the benefits of healthy eating outweigh the challenges.

The first challenge of developing the habit of healthy eating is education. Fortunately, there is a virtual mountain of information readily available to anyone seeking knowledge. Do the homework. Approach this subject with excitement. A healthy eating plan will improve overall health, not only of the body, but also the mind. It’s impossible to have too much information when developing what is, for most people, a change of lifestyle.

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Health Benefits of Green Tea


The health benefits of green tea have been touted in the press for many years. But is there any merit to such glowing reviews? The answer is “yes” and “maybe.”

You see, green tea’s health benefits have largely been seen in the lab. What it lacks is large scale studies on humans. Still, there is some intriguing research that indicates that green tea does, indeed, have a beneficial effect on healthy.

Why Green Tea is Healthy
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which have been proven to destroy cancer-causing free radicals. (Free radicals also influence the development of blood clots and atherosclerosis). For this reason alone, researchers believe that green tea is good for your health.

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Holistic Alternative Medicine


“The only thing I know that truly heals people is unconditional love.” – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.

For most of us, the word “healthy” indicates the absence of illness; if we don’t feel sick, we assume we are well, or whole. But health, heal and holy are all derived from the word haelen (anglo-saxon), “to make whole”. Therefore, the goal of holistic alternative medicine is to treat the whole person and re-establish the best performance and balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Holistic medicine requires fearless self-examination and willingness to implement deeply personal changes; habits, comfort zones and thought patterns are all subjected to examination for their value to the person we wish to become.

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Tips for staying cool this summer

Keeping cool


Every summer tends to bring heat and at least a little bit of humidity, depending on where you live.

Yet every summer we tend to struggle with what to wear when it’s too hot for life, as if we haven’t dealt with it a thousand times (though after a long and brutal winter, it’s understandable).

Even cooking becomes a struggle. Who wants to be in a hot kitchen when it’s already hot outside?

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Fears surrounding GMOs disputed


It’s like something out of “The Island of Dr. Moreau” at the Monsanto Company with mad scientists playing God and tinkering with the genetics of crops.

All these genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are going to give us all cancer and heaven only knows what else — but not before children in Africa are used as guinea pigs and sacrificial lambs in Monsanto’s crazed pursuit of power and profit.

What do we need? GMO labelling laws! When do we need them?

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People who live to 100 (finally) achieve happiness


“If you live to be 100, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age.”

— George Burns

George Burns was wiser than he knew.

The New York Times reports that life really does get better once you hit triple digits. Daniela S. Jopp, an assistant psychology professor at Fordham University, tells the paper that centenarians are generally pretty peppy people.

Even though they have half a dozen illnesses, Jopp said they still have goals and are not quite ready to call it quits. SHe tells the paper they want to see their great-grandchild get married or see if the Yankees are going to go all the way next season.

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STUDY: Homeopathy is a load of $%&#


Eating the fecal matter of male bovines is healthy for your body — relieving headaches and muscle pain as well as treating the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

You might as well try it at any rate.

If you take homeopathic remedies now, you already believe in the health benefits of complete bull***t.

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Attack of the killer vegetables! Study says veggies may be bad for you

Killer vegetables

Beware the vegetables.

Those vegetables your mother told you eat because they would make you healthy? They may be out to kill you!

OK, that might be a sliiiight exaggeration, but the people who order the meat lovers’ pizza might finally be getting their revenge with a new study that suggests a strictly vegetarian diet is bad for you.

According to, researchers at the Medical University of Graz in Austria found that vegetarians generally have poorer health and a lower quality of life than people who eat meat.

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STUDY: Organic food doesn’t decrease women’s cancer risk

Organic food

Sure, eating organic food costs a lot more, but when you consider the health bene …

What? Aw, bat’s breath!

A new study says eating organic food does two things to reduce women’s chances of getting cancer: Diddly and squat.

The Daily Mail reports that if you have been diligently buying organic fruits and vegetables for the last nine years because you thought it reduced your risk of cancer, the woman sitting in the McDonald’s on the other side of the parking lot is pointing at you and laughing right now.

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Protect Yourself From Lyme Disease


You’ve heard of Lyme Disease and you know it comes from ticks, but how likely is it that you’ll become a victim? If you live or spend a lot of time in a suburban area with lots of grass and trees, or even if you go hiking for the day, you must remember to check yourself for ticks.  Ticks are found on several different animals and are very hard to detect since they are so tiny.  If this disease is contracted, it can be life threatening, but luckily it can be easy enough to detect one of these little guys before worse can occur.

“The majority of Lyme disease cases in the United States are concentrated in the Northeast. Transmitted by blacklegged ticks, Lyme is an infectious disease caused by bacteria entering the body through a bite. In 2009 alone, there were almost 30,000 cases of Lyme disease resulting from tick bites. As a result, the best method for prevention is protection from ticks.

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