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Finding Relief From Morning Sickness

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Although the exact cause of morning sickness is unknown, it is most likely caused by the surge in hormones during the first trimester. As a result, most pregnant women will experience some degree of nausea or vomiting during the first three months, though the severity of pain and discomfort can vary from one woman to the next and even differ from one pregnancy to the next. Try these natural remedies to provide some relief and ease the upset stomach brought on by pregnancy.

1)      Eat frequently – Eating slowly and more often will prevent the nausea which can often increase due to hunger pains or overeating. Being careful not to overfill your stomach applies to liquids as well. Drinking too much, too quickly can cause more pressure in your stomach, actually increasing the feelings of morning sickness.

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Natural Solutions to Soothe Anxiety

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Anyone who has suffered from a spell of anxiety, whether it lasted several minutes or multiple days, knows how debilitating it can make you feel. While some may turn toward modern medicine and medication to relieve feelings of uneasiness, there could be an alternative – one that would provide much needed anxiety relief, without the financial cost and unwanted side effects often associated with prescription medication.

1)      Lavender – There is a reason lavender oil can be found in everything from lotions and soaps to candles and tea. Aside from the pleasant scent it releases, lavender is a natural soother and relaxer found to reduce stress and even help babies and adults alike to unwind and sleep soundly after a long day.

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Battling Flu with Natural Remedies


Flu season is quickly approaching and reports are already trickling in, trying to predict what kind of flu season 2013-14 will be. But many people get ill even during a mild flu season and can be confined to bed for days – or weeks. Taking the time to do some prevention now, by stocking your cupboard with flu-fighting supplies, will pay off if the flu strikes your household. If the flu passes you by, you’ll be ahead of the game for next season. Besides the obvious self-care requirements of bed rest and plenty of fluids, here are some natural flu remedies you may want to consider if influenza visits your home:

Oil of oregano: Many people use oil of oregano as a treatment for upper respiratory tract infections like influenza. It can be purchased in liquid form,  as drops or capsules. It is very intense and has a strong flavor, so capsules may be a better choice for children or those with a delicate stomach. Dosages vary by body weight and age, but the average adult will take two capsules per day, or 5-10 drops split between two or three dosing periods.

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Enjoy Garlic Raw for Optimal Health Benefits

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You can generally divide people into one of two groups when it comes to garlic: those who hate the pungent vegetable, and those who love it. But with so many benefits of garlic currently being touted by scientists and natural health advocates, there maybe more reasons to start looking at garlic as more than just an ingredient in Italian cooking.

While consuming raw garlic has long been known in alternative circles as a natural remedy for fighting colds, flu and other viruses, garlic is now getting some well-deserved credit by the scientific community. The medical journal Cancer Prevention Research states that people who regularly consume raw garlic have a marked decrease of contracting lung cancer by upwards of 44 percent. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reports the results found by scientists at the Jiangsu Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found a link between the chemical allicin in raw garlic and lower cancer rates, specifically lung cancers. Allicin is linked to a reduction in inflammation in the body, and is considered an important natural element which promotes health by serving as a natural antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial.

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Five Ways to Clean Any Bathroom with Baking Soda

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Bathrooms can be one of the messiest and most difficult to clean rooms in the house. With all the products available to the average consumer geared towards specifically cleaning bathrooms, easier solutions can be overlooked. Instead of choosing products with strong chemical ingredients and pungent odors, look no further than one key item found in the kitchen pantry: baking soda!

1)      Deodorizing – One of the most well-known characteristics of baking soda is its ability to deodorize nearly any surface, including a variety of bathroom surfaces. Sprinkle a little baking soda into your laundry hamper to remove strong, musty odors while waiting for the weekly wash. Baking soda can also be sprinkled onto bathroom rugs and shower curtains, then wiped or vacuumed away after 20 minutes to freshen and remove unwanted smells.

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Could Isolation Tanks Improve Health?

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By the 1980s, several organizations had purchased them, including the Medical College of Ohio and the Samadhi Center in Beverly Hills.

These early versions look medieval by today’s standards, but they worked in similar ways. By creating a sound-proof chamber full of body-temperature water containing massive amounts of epsom salts, a person could float freely in the chamber without any external stimulus.

Celebrities like Joe Rogan, who hosted the reality TV show “Fear Factor”, have made isolation tanks more popular than ever. Kyle Dowling, writing for the Atlantic, explains that the comedian and TV host got interested in sensory deprivation as a way f experiencing hallucinations without taking drugs.

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Keeping Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms at Bay with Fruit

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We are all familiar with the phrase “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” According to new research performed by the American Heart Association journal Circulation, this may be true more than ever in preventing abdominal aortic aneurysms. In a study performed in Sweden, 80,000 people (ranging in age from 46-84) were followed for a period of 13 years, analyzing the impact of a diet rich in fruit on the occurrence of this medical condition.

Throughout the course of the study, a total of 1,086 participants suffered from an abdominal aortic aneurysm, which according to the National Library of Medicine, is a condition that arises when the aorta (the large blood vessel which supplies blood flow to the abdomen, pelvis and legs) becomes abnormally large or balloons outward. It was determined that participants who consumed two servings of fruit every day, were 31 percent less likely to have an aneurysm and 39 percent less likely for it to rupture when compared to those who didn’t consume any fruit. Those who consumed more than two servings of fruit each day were 25 percent less likely to get an aneurysm and 43 percent less likely to develop a ruptured aneurysm than those who consumed less than one serving of fruit daily.

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Natural Remedies for Reducing Stress

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It’s a rare week we get to the end without a few frazzled nerves.  Most of us have a few days a month we’d welcome something to calm our nerves. With so much information being thrown at us at high-speed these days, we often need to take a break, but unfortunately don’t always get the opportunity. This leads to an abundance of stress, carried over each day, and the frayed nerves it causes need to be busted before it becomes serious. Many small stresses can be managed temporarily at home and there are natural, easy ways to take the edge off stress when you start getting that “can’t catch your breath” feeling.

You should speak to a health professional if stress worsens or continues to the point where it cannot be relieved with home remedies or if it inhibits you from performing normal activities. For the times you just need something gentle, there are natural remedies to keep on hand which help you relax. Lavender is a powerful and delightful smelling plant and is available in several forms, all of which are effective for calming nerves. The easiest form to acquire for stress-relief is lavender essential oil. A small bottle of lavender essential oil is inexpensive and available at health food shops or department and grocery stores. Drops of the oil can be added to a bath or onto a hot cloth for the floor of a steaming shower. You can also mix several drops with a small amount of water and spray the mixture onto pillows and bed sheets. Lavender is safe and can even be used for calming small children at bedtime. Combine drops of lavender oil with mineral or almond oil and rub on pulse points to keep the scent with you throughout stressful situations.

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All Natural Cleaning Agents from Your Pantry


With the popular push to do things in a “greener” way, it is no wonder you can purchase virtually anything, from food to furniture, in a healthier “green” form.  Perhaps one of the most important times to choose environmental-friendly products, is in the cleaning of your home, especially those with young children who are still growing and developing, not to mention the little fingers that grab everything within reach. Instead of paying more for products that offer a chemical-free way to disinfect, look no further than your own pantry, where you will find four of the best cleaning agents, right from nature.

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What is Prickly Heat?


Prickly heat, also known as Miliaria, is an itchy heat rash with raised, red spots. It causes a prickling or burning sensation that can vary in severity. It typically occurs after extreme sweating during hot or humid weather when the sweat glands become blocked, thereby trapping sweat beneath the skin, causing an irritation and the resulting rash.  However, it can also appear in the winter when babies or adults are over-dressed for the cold temperatures.

The most commonly affected parts of the body are the skin found on the back of knees, underarms and inner thighs, due to the friction created against clothing. While adults may experience an outbreak of prickly heat from time to time, especially those who are overweight, babies and children are more commonly affected due to their underdeveloped sweat glands.

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