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Health Benefits of Tofu


The health benefits of tofu have been touted by vegetarian advocates for the past 40 years. What are the health benefits of tofu, and how do they measure up against the negative aspects? Soy has been said to reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent osteoporosis, alleviate symptoms of menopause, and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Much of the evidence for these claims come from Asia, where it must be noted, the predominant forms of soy being consumed are fermented varieties such as tempeh, natto, tamari, and miso. Tofu is actually not a traditional Asian form of soy food. So can people truly claim that the health benefits of tofu are the same as the health benefits of soy, when so many of the studies have been done on populations who eat fermented soy products?

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Natural Cholesterol Reduction and Niacin


Are you considering taking statin drugs to combat your rising cholesterol? One option before you take the pharmaceutical route can be making some changes in your diet and lifestyle. One essential nutrient that has been shown to help reduce cholesterol is niacin (or vit. B3).

The Mayo Clinic suggests supplementation with niacin to help increase HDL, or good cholesterol, as well as lowering overall cholesterol and LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. Specifically, this heart supplement has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol, Lp(a) lipoprotein, triglyceride, and fibrinogen levels while simultaneously raising HDL cholesterol levels. HDL cholesterol helps sweep up low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or the “bad,” cholesterol, in your bloodstream, reducing your risk of coronary artery disease and other coronary complications.

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Natural Cures for Insomnia


I used to have a lifelong battle with sleep. In fact, I never wanted to go to bed because I knew sleep would always elude me. But that was before I discovered some natural cures for insomnia. While I still don’t sleep like a baby, I no longer toss and turn, desperately praying for sleep.

Natural Cures for Insomnia
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Low Energy? Try Menopause Energy Pills


Low energy and menopause can go hand in hand, so what’s a woman to do?  Luckily there is simple herbal treatment which can help to combat low energy associated with menopause, naturally and simply.

The symptoms of low energy and menopause can include:

  • Lethargy
  •  Weakness
  •  Low attention span
  •  Easily winded
  •  Depression
  •  Slowed responses
  •  Mental sluggishness
  •  Impaired digestion

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Natural Treatments for a Sinus Infection


Having a sinus infection is not fun. Some people get sinus infections only occasionally and some — approximately 37 million Americans — get them chronically. But there are natural treatments for a sinus infection that will help to relieve your suffering and even your frequency of developing this condition.

Symptoms of a Sinus Infection
Sinus infections are caused by mucus accumulation that becomes congested and will not drain properly. This can be caused by: Read More

Top 5 Herbal Remedies for Anxiety


Are you troubled by anxiety, problems sleeping, or panic attacks?  There are some very affective herbal remedies for anxiety which can be taken in the moment of stress, or taken regularly to rebuild and nourish the body’s central nervous system when stress has been chronic.

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10 Natural Ways to Avoid Cancer


Avoiding cancer is a concern that many people think about. Despite billions of dollars of research, there is still no cure for this debilitating disease. Fortunately, there are some natural health solutions that you can implement into your life today for avoiding cancer. While none of these suggestions is foolproof, they can help reduce your chances of coming down with this life-altering illness.

  1. Stop Smoking: This may be the most obvious natural treatment for avoiding cancer, but it’s also an effective one. The sooner you stop smoking, the more likely you are to prevent your body from contracting cancer.
  2. Incorporate Sauerkraut into Your Diet: Sauerkraut has a number of cancer-fighting compounds in it. You can easily buy canned sauerkraut and rinse it out to reduce the amount of sodium for a healthier option.
  3. Eat Broccoli: Eating broccoli frequently is one of the natural health solutions for preventing cancer. It’s best to eat it raw or steam it for maximum health benefits. You can also add it to your salads and soups instead of just eating it plain.
  4. Implement More Garlic: Garlic is another super food for fighting cancer. It includes sulfur compounds which helps the body’s immune system defend against many diseases. Garlic has also been shown to significantly reduce the chance of getting stomach cancer.
  5. Give Your Grilled Meat a Thick Coat: When you grill meats and other foods, you are exposing them to a large number of cancer-causing chemicals. But studies have shown that giving your grilled items a thick coat of sauce before cooking them can reduce the amount of chemicals absorbed into the food.
  6. Drink More Water: Studies have been published that show men who drank at least 48 ounces of water each day were half as likely to get bladder cancer.
  7. Take Multivitamins: Ingesting vitamins and minerals helps improve your immune system. With a stronger immune system, your body has a better chance of avoiding cancer.
  8. Get Some Sun: Spending about 15 minutes out in the sunshine every day is one of the natural solutions for preventing cancer. The sun’s rays provide a natural source of Vitamin D which has been shown to reduce the chances of breast cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and others.
  9. Minimize Your Number of Sexual Partners: For women, the chance of contracting cervical cancer increases based on the number of sexual partners that she has. If you are going to have multiple partners, make sure they use a condom to reduce your chances of this type of cancer.
  10. Go Organic: Produce that is grown non-organically regularly has pesticides sprayed on them and they are grown with harmful hormones. Both of these products can damage your cells which often lead to cancer.

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Benefits of Healthy Eating


Healthy eating can sometimes be a challenge. It is more expensive at the grocery store to buy the best foods rather than junk food. However, the benefits of healthy eating outweigh the challenges.

The first challenge of developing the habit of healthy eating is education. Fortunately, there is a virtual mountain of information readily available to anyone seeking knowledge. Do the homework. Approach this subject with excitement. A healthy eating plan will improve overall health, not only of the body, but also the mind. It’s impossible to have too much information when developing what is, for most people, a change of lifestyle.

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Health Benefits of Green Tea


The health benefits of green tea have been touted in the press for many years. But is there any merit to such glowing reviews? The answer is “yes” and “maybe.”

You see, green tea’s health benefits have largely been seen in the lab. What it lacks is large scale studies on humans. Still, there is some intriguing research that indicates that green tea does, indeed, have a beneficial effect on healthy.

Why Green Tea is Healthy
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which have been proven to destroy cancer-causing free radicals. (Free radicals also influence the development of blood clots and atherosclerosis). For this reason alone, researchers believe that green tea is good for your health.

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Holistic Alternative Medicine


“The only thing I know that truly heals people is unconditional love.” – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.

For most of us, the word “healthy” indicates the absence of illness; if we don’t feel sick, we assume we are well, or whole. But health, heal and holy are all derived from the word haelen (anglo-saxon), “to make whole”. Therefore, the goal of holistic alternative medicine is to treat the whole person and re-establish the best performance and balance between the body, mind and spirit.

Holistic medicine requires fearless self-examination and willingness to implement deeply personal changes; habits, comfort zones and thought patterns are all subjected to examination for their value to the person we wish to become.

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