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5 Natural Ways to Relieve Chronic Pain


Chronic pain can be one of the most difficult conditions to live with on a daily basis. Pain makes it hard to do just about everything, from sleeping, to concentrating, to working. Pain management often revolves around toxic pharmaceuticals which can leave you feeling spaced out, or worse. Relieving chronic pain naturally is no simple fix, but there are some safe ways to reduce the effects of chronic pain without the side effects of harsh pharmaceuticals.

1) Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Much chronic pain, be it from old injuries, arthritis, or auto-immune disease is caused by chronic, systemic inflammation. By reducing systemic inflammation, often the body is able to heal, and the symptoms as well as root causes of chronic pain can be alleviated. Inflammatory substances include sugar, alcohol, red meat, caffeine, and toxic food chemicals like preservatives, additives, and artificial sweeteners.

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5 Home Remedies for Curing Insomnia


Insomnia can be a real hamper to normal, everyday functioning.  It seems almost impossible to do what needs doing every day if you are always fatigued, tired, and fuzzy.  But many people don’t want to resort to sleeping pills for fear that they will become dependent upon pharmaceuticals for sleep.

Luckily, natural remedies for insomnia can be just as effective as medications without causing dangerous side effects or addiction.  Natural herbal remedies along with other natural therapies are often an excellent solution to getting your sleep cycles re-established and getting the deep, nourishing sleep you so desperately need.

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The Great “Soy is a Miracle Food” Hoax


Since the great flower child days of the 1960s, soy has been touted as a health food in the US, especially by those who espouse a vegetarian or vegan diet.  The dangers of soy should be fully understood and compared with the potential health benefits of soy, however, before making tofu your staple.  By looking at how soy has traditionally been prepared and eaten verses the fad-style emergence of many soy foods, the various dangers and benefits can be weighed appropriately.

Soy has been eaten as a traditional food in Asia for many thousands of years.  The important thing to note about soy as a staple of the Asian diet is how soy is prepared in Japan and other Asian countries.  The vast majority of soy eaten in Asia is long-fermented, such as tamari, miso, natto, and tempeh.  The long-fermentation process is thought to break down potentially harmful substances in soy including oxalic acids, linked to migraines and lowered pain threshold, and phytic acids, which inhibit the absorption of key minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

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Natural Heartburn Remedies


Heartburn or acid reflux can be caused by too much acid in the stomach, or by a malfunction of the valve that closes the esophagus from the stomach.  Over-the-counter acid reflux medications turn off the body’s natural production of hydrochloric acid, which can impair absorption of important nutrients such as many B-vitamins.  There are many effective natural heartburn remedies which don’t impair the natural digestive function, while still giving relief from heartburn symptoms.

Herbs for Heartburn

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Warning: Supplements Can Kill. Don’t be a Victim


Recent studies done on the effect of certain supplements seem to indicate that there could be some potential danger involved in taking supplements, but how much of this information is reliable and what has been blown out of proportion?  Dangers of supplements such as vitamin E have been widely reported by the media, but are taken from only one study done on the effect of Vitamin E on prostate cancer.  Likewise, a single observational study done on the effect of supplements on mortality rates of elderly women have the media screaming about the dangers of dietary supplements.

While I believe there are potential risks with taking certain supplements in high quantities, my particular opinion is that there needs to be much more extensive research done on supplements before the dangers of supplements can be confirmed.  There are potential dangers and known side effects for some supplements which include:

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Herbal Solution for Insomnia


Do you experience insomnia? If so, it can be an incredibly frustrating and difficult situation which leads to physical fatigue and mental fogginess.  So, what natural solutions exist to treat chronic insomnia?  Interestingly, there are many herbs for insomnia which can promote sleep without leaving you feeling drugged and groggy in the morning.

Herbs for Insomnia

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Natural Ways to Fall Asleep


Insomnia and problems getting deep, restful sleep can take a huge toll on the emotional and physical well-being.  There are many natural ways to fall asleep which can help your body to cultivate the kind of deep rest we all need to be healthy.

Herbs for Sleep

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Get Rid of Headaches Fast – Top 3 Herbal Remedies


Herbal remedies for headache can be just as effective as over-the-counter medication, without the potential liver damage and other side effects of pain medications. So, how do you get rid of a headache naturally? Here are the top 3 herbal remedies to get rid of a headache.

Peppermint: The soothing, relaxing effect of peppermint can help to loosen tense muscles in the case of tension headache, ease sinus congestion for sinus headaches, and help with digestion in the case of headaches caused by liver toxicity, nausea, or upset stomach. Here are some easy ways to use peppermint to get rid of a headache. Read More

Reversing Prediabetes


Prediabetes—a state in which one’s blood glucose level is higher than it should be—is frequently a precursor of type 2 diabetes. In fact, you can suffer from prediabetes for many years before it turns into its more sinister counterpart. But this disorder does not have to turn into diabetes. Rather, reversing prediabetes is fairly easy. All it takes is a few simple lifestyle changes.

Reversing Prediabetes
The science behind reversing prediabetes is solid. In fact, a recent study by the Diabetes Prevention Program indicated that people can positively impact blood glucose levels by making dietary changes and increasing physical fitness levels. Moreover, making these changes will prevent the development of diabetes.

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Health Benefits of Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy benefits include enhanced relaxation, mental clarity, balance, and even pain relief. So how can smells affect the mind, body, and spirit so profoundly? There are an incredible number of nerve endings inside the nose, which send the information contained in different smells to the limbic system of the brain. This part of the brain is involved in secreting endorphins and other neurotransmitters which make us feel good.

The health benefits of aromatherapy go far beyond stress relief and relaxation. Inhaling certain essential oils like lavender can cure headaches, while other oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus can soothe respiratory disorders. Rose essential oil creates a deep sense of happiness and peace, while lemon can be stimulating to the mind, helping to focus and be more productive. Aromatherapy benefits can be used for the whole family, imagine how well your little ones will sleep with a few drops of chamomile essential oil in the humidifier?

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